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What is Calypso Music and how has it impacted Caribbean culture?

The history of the genre, its development and culture

Calypso music is a style of Afro-Caribbean music and its roots dates back to the West African slaves brought to Barbados in 1627. Calypso’s roots also dates back to Trinidad, where enslaved Africans merged their musical traditions with Amerindian rhythms and Spanish instruments.

People often associate Calypso music with the Carnival culture due to its lyrical content that speaks about freedom and emancipation from oppression.

calypso music

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The History and Origins of Blues Music

An insight into the roots of Blues Music

Blues is a music genre that evolved in America during the late 19th century. The blues music is noted for its harmonic singing styles and improvisation in accompaniment. In the late 1800’s, America experienced a time of great change.

Blues music originated from African-American work songs that were sung by slaves to keep a steady pace while they were working. The music was a way for them to cope with the harsh conditions and, as time progressed, it became a form of entertainment across the African diaspora.


origin of blues

Blues artist singing

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How to quickly become famous in the music industry 2022

First, we must know what the market is asking for. Have you noticed that there are artists who are in the top and without necessarily having the most spectacular voice? Perhaps without having the widest vocal range in the world. In the case of J Balvin, who has achieved worldwide popularity and has remained in the top and with each song he has released, he has achieved more recognition.

In the meantime, people who have better vocal range, better voice, hardly manage to become famous in the music industry. Then, you will know 3 very important tips, which will surely serve to highlight and become famous in the music industry:


become famous in the music industry

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